Attention Busy Moms Who Need to Melt Fat Fast…

The Metabolic Meltdown for Busy Moms
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Metabolic Meltdown for Moms


Introducing the Total Body Transformation Solution Designed Specifically For Busy Moms By a Busy Mom


  • You WILL Melt Your Muffin Top
  • You WILL Melt Arm Flab
  • You WILL Melt Back Fat
  • You WILL Melt Saddlebags
  • You WILL Melt Every Last Bit of
    Stubborn Fat That You Can’t Stand


The Metabolic Meltdown For Busy Moms Will Boost Your Metabolism, Melt Away Unwanted Fat, To Transform and Tighten Your Entire Body In Just 6 Short Weeks!

All you have to do is perform Three 20 Minute Transformation Workouts a week along with the Metabolism Boosting Meal Planning Guide.  PLUS, You Can Accelerate Results and Target Trouble Areas with Sizzlers that take just 5 minutes of your day – Its’ the perfect workout solution for busy moms!

Hello!  I’m Holly Rigsby, and like you, I’m a busy mom.  I have two kids, a husband, run a business, and want time for myself (when I can)…

Since having my first son, Tyler, I’ve been developing the most efficient & effective workout routines specifically designed to help moms get their pre-baby body back – or better.

It’s been nearly 8 years now, and after having my second son Alexander just 26 months ago, I’m still working hard for you (and me) to develop the best workout solutions possible for moms on the go.  My latest video series does just that…

Metabolic Meltdown for Moms


The Metabolic Meltdown for Busy Moms is an ONLINE  timesaving, fat melting, body transformation video series  that includes everything you need to get your best body ever:

3 Total Body Transformation Workouts

Work your entire body in just 20 minutes, 3 times per week.  Follow along with me using basic equipment (pair of dumbbells, stability ball, resistance band) in the comfort of your own living room.

These workouts are so simple, yet so effective.  But don’t be fooled, they are based on the most cutting-edge exercise science – these metabolic resistance training workouts will burn up to 40% more fat than traditional aerobics or bodypump-like DVDs.
Plus, for each exercise, I take you through at least 3 progressions (beginner, intermediate, advanced) so the workouts become more advanced as you do!

6 Sexy Sizzlers

I understand what it’s like to battle “stubborn fat”. You know those areas on your body that we just wish would go away.  Well, my friend, these 4-5 minute workouts will get that nasty fat sizzling.  Get ready to tone your arms, tighten your abs, shape your shoulders, lift your butt, and get the legs you’ve always wanted with these target area sizzlers:

  • Total Body Sizzler
  • Buttquake Sizzler
  • Legstorm Sizzler
  • Scintillating Shoulder Sizzler
  • ABStastic Core Sizzler
  • Jiggle-Free Arms Sizzler
1 Partner Challenge Workout

Nothing beats working out with a friend every now and again.  While I love performing my quick workouts at-home and getting on with my day, sometimes it’s just fun to workout with a friend.  The Partner Challenge Workout is a super-fun 40-minute workout that will push you and your girlfriend to a whole new level of fitness.  Melt that fat away and then relax and chat for 20 minutes with a couple protein shakes.  Now that’s the perfect power hour with a friend!


9 Metabolic Minute Workouts

Need a quick pick me up in the day, or want to do a little extra for your trouble spot?  These Metabolic Minute Workouts are perfect.  I give you a quick demo of some of my favorite exercises that you can do anytime of the day when you need a little burst of energy, feel the urge to burn some extra fat, or just need to blow off some “mommy steam.”

  • Sleek Shoulders & Arms
  • Row That Works Butt
  • Double Duty for Your Booty
  • In & Outs for Leaner Legs
  • Metabolic Squat Row
  • Metabolic Jumping Jacks
  • Best Swiss Ball Exercise for Tighter Abs
  • 4-Minute Belly Blaster
Metabolic Meltdown Manual & Meal Plan Guide

In this downloadable handbook I lay it all out step-by-step for you.  I break down each of the components of the program, explain exactly how to fit the Metabolic Meltdown in your training calendar, give you workout logs to track your success, and share some bonus tips on how to maximize the Sizzlers, Partner Challenge Workout, and Metabolic Minutes.

All of this is YOURS! A FREE gift to you when you decide to become a member of the Everyday Joi Community Today!

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Your Friend and Fit Yummy Mummy Coach,

Holly Rigsby
Holly Rigsby, CPT, MAT, KBA
Author, Fit Yummy Mummy